About TDIN Training

Toronto Drop-in Network (TDIN) offers training designed for our vibrant and critical drop-in sector, so we can most effectively support the needs of Toronto’s most vulnerable residents.

Please note: TDIN delivers four courses as part of our certificates below. If you are looking for CPI or other training, please contact Toronto Hostels Training Centre directly.

The TDIN training program has been developed to respond to member-identified need and includes three components:

  1. Certificate Training: The Drop-in Service Skills Training Certificate (DISSTC) and the Drop-in Foundation Series (DIFS) delivered in partnership with Toronto Hostels Training Centre. For more information on the certificate and how to register for courses, please click here.
  2. Training events coordinated by TDIN: A full list of upcoming training events are listed here.
  3. Third Party Training: Support from TDIN for third party training identified by members.

TDIN receives funding from its members and the City of Toronto Shelter Support and Housing Administration to help reduce barriers to accessing training for drop-in workers, engaged participants, volunteers.

TDIN Members receive a financial support to purchase training. Are you part of a Member Drop In, and want to purchase training at Toronto Hostels Training Centre? You have two options: 

1. If you want to use your Member Training Support Funds to pay: Register through us at tdinadmin@sschto.ca.


 2. Do you want your Drop-In to pay for the course? Register directly with Toronto Hostels Training Centre at www.thtcentre.com.

For more information about the Training Program contact:

Training and Capacity Building Coordinator

Phone:  647-464-1733

E-mail: tdintraining@sschto.ca