Drop-in Model & Practice

This page contains information resources on the drop-in model, good practices and referral resources.

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Good Practices Toolkit

Toronto Drop-in Network Good Practices Tool Kit - Part Two

Part 2 contains the following sections: Introduction, Users Guide and Acknowledgements; Section 1  Philosophy and Approach (defining our work, conceptual tools); Section 2  Day to Day Work and Practice (activities and programming, distribution of goods and services, individualized supports to participants, participant rights and responsibilities); Section 3  Participant Engagement and Governance (general approach, specific strategies); Section 4  Volunteer and Staffing Practices (professional conduct and team dynamics, cultural competence, staff communication and team building, training and professional development, recruiting and hiring, performance evaluations, overview of human resources policies). more>>

Toronto Drop-In Network Good Practices Toolkit - Part One

Toronto Drop-In Network Good Practices Toolkit - Part One

This Toronto Drop-In Network Good Practices Toolkit was developed through a process of intensive discussions with drop-in staff and participants, and it contains the collective wisdom of the Toronto Drop-In Network (TDIN). It is full of practical strategies, helpful tips, and rich discussions that are designed to help drop-in workers develop new policies or improve their existing practices. more>>