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Participant Engagement Training

November, 13 2013
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


 Drop-ins intentionally create opportunities for participants to be directly involved in and responsible for structured activities as well as the day-to-day functions of the drop-in. This course will examine the concept of participant engagement, the power imbalance between drop-in members and staff, and share current participant engagement approaches.  In addition, the workshop will outline ways to support and maintain a member-led group including group facilitation practices, engaging members in the development and structure of the group, and evaluating group projects. Guest panelists will present current drop-in member-led initiatives.

 Learning Objectives

  • To outline the concept of participant engagement
  • To take into account both preparations and challenges involved in fostering participant engagement
  • To review common participant engagement tools and strategies
  • To present current participant engagement and group activity strategies held at drop ins

Please note that this course is part of Drop-in Service Skills Training Centre Certificate. See the TDIN training page for more information

Register directly with the Toronto Hostels Training Centre www.thtcentre.com . Cost is $67 for non-TDIN member agencies.

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Nico Koenig
(p) 647-464-1733