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11 Division camp-out gives city and police officials brief taste of homelessness

11 Division camp-out gives city and police officials brief taste of homelessness

November 14, 2014
Warm4Winter campaign collecting warm winter clothing to be donated to West Neighbourhood House more>>

Jino Distasio: Homelessness remains a crisis across Canada

November 12, 2014
Homelessness in Canada remains a national crisis despite the best efforts of social groups, housing advocates and all levels of government. more>>

Helping hands and haircuts welcomed at Homeless Connect Toronto

November 12, 2014
It was hard to tell who got more joy from the haircut  student hairdresser Shahli Hayat or her client Heather Eagle. more>>

Need for Out of the Cold spreads

November 12, 2014
TORONTO - Its Out of The Cold season in Toronto. That means thousands of volunteers working in church basements, mosques and synagogues over the cold winter months to keep the homeless safe. Our mandate is to get people off the streets, out of the cold, so they dont die, Rehana Sumar, executive director of Mosaic Interfaith Out of the Cold, told The Catholic Register. more>>

No Place to Call Home

October 22, 2014
Anthony Schofield walks south on Jarvis Street pointing out landmarks as he goes. The landmarks he describes are not buildings or intersections, but instead indications of homelessness. more>>

 A Poverty Reduction Strategy or an Expectation Reduction Strategy

A Poverty Reduction Strategy or an Expectation Reduction Strategy

September 22, 2014
Kathleen Wynnes Liberal government released their poverty reduction strategy on September 3. more>>

Words from the Street lets the downtrodden tell their stories

September 22, 2014
Sex-trade workers experiences spur winning entry in Words from the Street, revealed Sunday in Regent Park. more>>

Condos becoming part of Torontos affordable housing tool box

September 22, 2014
Toronto engaging condo developers to help build desperately needed affordable housing. more>>

Homelessness, poverty recurrent themes at this year's Toronto film fest

September 15, 2014
Toronto International Film Festival, where movie-makers and actors speculated that cinema is finally catching up with reality. more>>

Medical programs for homeless (Readers Letters)

September 12, 2014
Re: Too stigmatized to find a doctor, Opinion Sept. 3 more>>

Health care for the homeless

September 10, 2014
Re: Shut out of medicare by shame, Opinion Sept. 3 more>>

Homeless Jesus sculpture finds homes around the world

September 10, 2014
Sculptor Tim Schmalz is casting his sculpture for cities around the world more>>

'Shelter': Toronto Review

September 10, 2014
Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Mackie are a homeless couple in Paul Bettany's directing debut more>>

Toronto homeless feel discriminated against by healthcare workers

September 10, 2014
If youre homeless they dont want to deal with you. They just dont seem to care, said Mark as he motions with his hand towards the inner-city hospital steps away from where he stands in the middle of the park. more>>

Study examines discrimination among homeless adults in Toronto with mental illness

September 08, 2014
Vulnerable populations in ethnically diverse Toronto reported more discrimination by health care workers based on their housing status, mental health or substance abuse issues than race, a new study has found. more>>

What the poor need, business gets in spades

September 05, 2014
Liberals jobs and prosperity fund will channel $2.5 billion to companies, ostensibly to create jobs. One tech company along got $220 million. But those handouts dwarf a combined $92 million in new investment to fight poverty and eliminate homelessness, writes Ed Keenan more>>

Social groups applaud plan to end homelessness in Ontario, but urge deadline

September 04, 2014
Social advocates are applauding Ontarios ambitious plan to end homelessness as part of the provinces new five-year anti-poverty strategy. more>>

Ontario to tackle homelessness in new anti-poverty plan

September 03, 2014
Province aims to close the gap on child poverty while tackling homelessness in second five-year anti-poverty plan. more>>

Dying homeless find treatment, comfort through mobile palliative care program

Dying homeless find treatment, comfort through mobile palliative care program

August 06, 2014
TORONTO - They're too often the forgotten people  or the ones many of us turn a blind eye to as we pass a street corner where they might implore us for extra change: the homeless living rough outside through all kinds of weather or those precariously housed in a cot-for-the-night shelter or a decaying rooming house. more>>

Put Food in the Budget Campaign news

Put Food in the Budget Campaign news

July 16, 2014
At the core of poverty is capitalism  for there to be rich  there have to be poor. more>>

LGBTQ youth homeless shelter on the horizon

June 27, 2014
New research, success in other cities and a key city report raise the confidence of advocates for queer street youth more>>

Housing improves plight of homeless people with mental illness, study finds

Housing improves plight of homeless people with mental illness, study finds

June 25, 2014
Providing housing to people who are homeless and suffering mental illness improves outcomes  and saves money, a Toronto study suggests. more>>

Ontario urged to allow women on welfare to keep child support

Ontario urged to allow women on welfare to keep child support

April 22, 2014
When she couldnt find work after completing a social work diploma last spring, Jennifer Gray and her 7-year-old daughter reluctantly moved into a homeless shelter. more>>


April 17, 2014
Inner City health Associates (ICHA) is pleased to announce that Dr. Leslie Shanks has been selected as its new Medical Director , effective May 1, 2014. more>>

Bringing services for those without, under one roof

Bringing services for those without, under one roof

April 10, 2014
Jeff is a 40-year-old HIV-positive man who lives on the street because conditions in shelters are too rough. Hes had trouble finding an apartment while he waits for his name to come up on Streets To Homes housing list. more>>

Socks for the Homeless

March 31, 2014
St. Mary's High School students in Owen Sound are doing their part to help the homeless.The students are collecting socks.Student Sarah Van Trigt encourages the community to also become involved. more>>

Civic leaders support call for Toronto anti-poverty plan

February 14, 2014
Toronto is home to about 20 per cent of Ontarios population but almost 30 per cent of the provinces poor, a gathering of civic and social leaders heard Tuesday. more>>

Court of Public Opinion personally serves Premier Wynne with summons

Court of Public Opinion personally serves Premier Wynne with summons

February 14, 2014
Two members of the Put Food in the Budget steering committee personally served Premier Kathleen Wynne on Tuesday with a summons to appear for trial next Wednesday, February 19. Just before 1 p.m., Tracy and Andrea presented the summons, printed on a 2x3 foam board, in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto (see picture below) more>>

Finding Refuge from Torontos Cold Streets

January 24, 2014
TORONTO - Richard Dunbar has lived on the street for two years since being evicted for non-payment of rent. Nevertheless, the 56-year-old survives quite nicely  even on winters coldest nights  travelling from church to synagogue every day to partake in that days Out of the Cold program. more>>

Metcalfe Foundation Funding Program

January 20, 2014
The Metcalfe Foundation has released information about the Inclusive Local Economies Program and the Metcalfe Renewal Program. Program guidelines are available for downloading. more>>

Helping the homeless through the winter cold

January 20, 2014
TORONTO - Some homeless projects warm hearts  this one warms bodies. BY JENNY YUEN ,TORONTO SUN FIRST POSTED: SATURDAY, JANUARY 18, 2014 07:08 PM EST In a Caledonia Rd. warehouse Saturday, over 200 volunteers packed 3,000 blackduffel bags with donated goods  everything from toiletries to sleeping bags  which will be distributed to 195 Toronto-area partner agencies next weekend. more>>

Ontario helps people replace food lost during ice storm

December 30, 2013
Toronto residents who have experienced prolonged power outage who need help will be able to collect a gift card at one of 15 Ontario Works Toronto offices beginning Tuesday, December 31 and ending Friday, January 3, 2014. more>>

City of Toronto News Releases

December 23, 2013
For up to date information on the storm and warming centres open in Toronto. more>>

Toronto Police Service opens 13 police buildings as warming centres

December 23, 2013
Click "read more" and follow the link for a full list more>>

Frigid temperatures leave Toronto homeless at risk of frostbite and hypothermia

December 12, 2013
Years ago, her aunt froze to death on the streets of Toronto. She wasn't homeless. Just considered to be. "She happened to fall down and hit her head," said her niece. "And was left there as a homeless person to die. What a sad story. That people just walk by and don't take a moment of consideration out of their day to think and to know that they're human beings who have a heart, who have a life, who have a word, who have a story." more>>

Shelter Score

Shelter Score

December 12, 2013
As anti-poverty activists staged a sit-in at Metro Hall on a chilly afternoon in March, Rob Ford held a press conference in his office. The mayor came out swinging against the activists, who had occupied the foyer of the government building to demand more shelter beds for the homeless. more>>

New agency aiming to help Toronto

October 16, 2013

Toronto Housing Wait List Passes 90,000 Households, 165,723 People

September 27, 2013
Torontos affordable housing wait list has grown to a staggering 90,060 households as of the end of August, according to Toronto Housing Connections (which maintains the list). Those households include a total of 165,723 women, men and children  an increase of 4% in the past year. more>>

Study finds risk of violence against Aboriginal women reduced by 40 per cent when socio-economic position is considered

September 27, 2013
If Aboriginal women had the same income and education levels as non-Aboriginal women, their risk of being abused by a partner could drop by 40 per cent, according to a new study by researchers at St. Michaels Hospital. more>>

Two New Communities Join National Program to End Youth Homelessness

September 13, 2013
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Sept. 12, 2013) - Communities across Canada are joining a major national effort to significantly change the course of youth homelessness across Canada. Saint John, New Brunswick and Wellington County, Ontario are the latest communities to join the Mobilizing Local Capacity to End Youth Homelessness Program (MLC). The MLC program is an innovative approach to ending youth homelessness because it builds on local community strengths and connects them to national and international change makers to prevent, reduce and end youth homelessness. more>>

Fed: Homeless Advocate Doug Johnson Hatlem Leaving Toronto

Fed: Homeless Advocate Doug Johnson Hatlem Leaving Toronto

July 24, 2013
Street pastor Doug Johnson Hatlem is leaving town. First, Corey Mintz serves him a bread-laden meal. more>>

Helping Hand for Toronto's Homeless: Goar

July 24, 2013
Reeling from the cancellation of a provincial housing benefit, the city and anti-poverty activists pitch in to help. more>>

Ted McMeekin talks but who can act on social assistance rates?

July 24, 2013
Social Services Minister's lack of power makes consulting him pretty much pointless more>>

City council has voted in favour of increasing emergency services

April 04, 2013
City council has voted in favour of increasing emergency services for Torontos homeless by temporarily activating so-called flex beds. The only dissenting vote came from Mayor Rob Ford. more>>

StART Mural Program

March 22, 2013
StreetARToronto or StART is a new, pro-active grant program that aims to develop, support, promote and increase awareness of street art and its indispensable role in adding beauty and character to neighbourhoods across Toronto, while counteracting graffiti vandalism and its harmful effect on communities. This year's proposals are due April 15, 2013. more>>

Toronto Council rebuffs debate on shelter crisis

Toronto Council rebuffs debate on shelter crisis

February 21, 2013
A motion from Councillor Adam Vaughan would have made it possible for Council to debate the shelter issue immediately, rather than waiting till a city staff report is delivered next month. The motion needed 30 votes to pass and was unsuccessful (24-20). more>>

Limited Improvements, Serious Concerns

October 31, 2012
Poverty Free Ontario has released its analysis of the Final Report from the Social Assistance Review. more>>

Mental health and addicitons:  How Ontario and Toronto can improve lives while saving billions.

Mental health and addicitons: How Ontario and Toronto can improve lives while saving billions.

June 22, 2012
Toronto lawyer Sarah Shartal writes about the importance of investing in drop-ins as service delivery hubs to improve the health and quality of life of people in vulnerable situations. more>>