About Measuring Success


Measuring Success - About Measuring Success


Measuring Success is a made-in-Toronto framework for drop-ins in partnership with the City of Toronto Shelter Support and Housing Administration 

Measuring Success is a way for all drop-ins to count and evaluate all of the services they provide, and supports best practices in drop-ins,  links to the broader service delivery system, and shows the most successful outcomes for drop-in participants. 

The Measuring Success Framework has three elements:

  • `Paired measures` Paired measures link an output measure, such as the number of people who attend a drop-in, to a good practice measure, such as how many of those people are socially engaged with each other or with staff when they are at the drop-in.  There is a sufficient body of evident that clearly indicates many fundamental good practices and can be used to assess the effectiveness of the programs without elaborate and expensive measurement systems.
  • Progressive and intentional participant-led processes track how participants are engaged in intentional and systematic efforts to improve their circumstances.  
  • Major outcomes, such as obtaining housing and obtaining employment, are tracked and reported where possible.