The Toronto Drop-In Network (TDIN) is an active coalition of 49+ drop-in centers working with people who are homeless, marginally housed or socially isolated in Toronto. Our Network includes drop-ins of all sizes and diverse phiosophies serving men, women, youth and families. Member agencies are located throughout the City of Toronto.


Drop-in Meals List & TDIN Member Brochure

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11 Division camp-out gives city and police officials brief taste of homelessness

Warm4Winter  campaign  collecting  warm  winter  clothing  to  be  donated  to  West  Neighbourhood  ...
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Helping hands and haircuts welcomed at Homeless Connect Toronto

It  was  hard  to  tell  who  got  more  joy  from  the  haircut  ...
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Jino Distasio: Homelessness remains a crisis across Canada

Homelessness  in  Canada  remains  a  national  crisis  despite  the  best  efforts  of  ...
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Need for Out of the Cold spreads

TORONTO  -  Its  Out  of  The  Cold  season  in  Toronto.  That  means  ...
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Regal Security Information and Recruitment Event

Nov 25
10:30 AM - 1:00 PM

WEST  Employment  Services  and  Training  will  be  hosting  the  Regal  Security  Information  and  Event. 
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FREE Legal Clinic - West Neighbourhood House

Dec 3
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

If  you  are  seeking  legal  advice  regarding  immigration  related  matters  make  sure  you  attend  the  FREE  Legal  Clinic 
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Epi Update: HIV/AIDS, STI and Substance Use Forum

Dec 9
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Toronto  Public  Health's  Toronto  Urban  Health  Fund  invites  you  to  learn  more  about  the  latest  HIV/AIDS,  STI,  and  substance  ...
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St. James Cathedral Drop-In

St. James Cathedral Drop-In

St. James Cathedral is in the heart of downtown Toronto where an abundance of marginalized people gather. The drop-in serves up to 250 guests on most Tuesdays throughout the month.

Our drop-in's services inlcude proving a hearty meal in a beautiful bright space, hair cuts, food box program, bible study and foot clinic/nurses. There is a piano, and guests are encouraged to play during the first half of the drop-in. A volunteer, who is a composer, plays for the guests during the second half of the drop-in.

The staff of the drop-in believe that their space is unque in the sense that it allows guests to feel deserving of dining in the best space which is a human right across the board and not just for the elite.